Automatic Plasticine extruding,Cutting,Packing Machine
Speed: 300bags/min
Automatic plasticine packing machine is designed for the difficulty of plasticine packaging on the market. it is automatic extruding, cutting, packaging. it is suitable for play doh, modeling clay, play best legal steroids dough, plasticine,light clay and so on.

Automatic Plasticine extruding,Cutting,Packing Machine
Extruder:The extruder consists of screw and hopper.touch parts used 304 stainless steel.Through the extrusion of the screw, the plasticine is uniformly extruded, formed by the mould.





Cutting:Used Servo cutter,high speed and stable.
Servo cutter

(Servo cutter)

Packing machine: Three servo control
Horizontal Flow Wrapper

(Horizontal Flow Wrapper)

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